There are so many subjects concerning customer experience that I would like to write about and share with you.  I have such a passion for this subject that it makes it hard to choose;)
Today, I chose to write about collaboration within organizations.   After several years of experience in the customer experience field, one of the gaps I observed is the lack of collaboration amongst employees and this, no matter the level of hierarchy.
Why are people so inclined to work individually in silos? Is it truly a matter of winning or personal recognition?  Or is it the fruit of an individualists world? Maybe even a lack of a leadership program in customer experience?
Collaboration is key to creating a memorable customer experience.  Since a customer experience is exactly that, a journey that the client will have in a company, it cannot only depend on one single person or a specific area of activity to offer good customer service.  When people start to comprehend that they can have a bigger impact together, a magic moment happens, not just for the clients, but for them as well.  Imagine all the possibilities for your company when employees share information which will result in unforgettable moments for clients and in return will be saying: “My experience was amazing from beginning to end! WOW“.  From that moment on, you will know that your employees now understand the meaning of creating a memorable brand experience and service culture.
An employee which is passionate and motivated should normally be able to offer good customer service, but SEVERAL employees which are passionate, motivated and comprehend the effect of collaboration… WOW!  Now that, is your key to customer loyalty.
So tell me, what are you doing to ensure that your employees, managers and directors are passionate, motivated and understand customer experience collaboration?
Alexandra Vachon