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Today, I chose to write about training sessions for customer experience in organizations, this element is essential in the development of your internal resources.
The majority of companies out there hire first line employees whom already have customer service experience in a variety of different fields. Managers often assume that this will be enough to satisfy their customers. Unfortunately, the customer experience responsibility is not only based on the front line staff, it is everyone’s responsibility no matter the level of hierarchy. Customer experience is directly linked to the vision, mission, brand promise, values, and policies/procedures belonging to the organization.  Too often, we notice huge gaps in companies in regards to customer experience.  These gaps, are in fact connected to the will, goals, brand promise and the service delivery.
Training sessions which give ALL your employees the tools concerning customer experience is essential to ensure the service delivery be as memorable and distinctive as possible and this, no matter with whom the customer might engage in your company. It is imperative to invest in your internal resources, for their personal and professional development.  Your employees be will benefit from this an in return will be totally engaged, will be more inclined to follow policies and they will be proud to be part of the best and greatest.  You will ensure the clients will live a seamless process in your company values and service delivery, complicity with your employees and therefore an absolute trust in your company.
Managers are usually the ones who need to supervise, coach and motivate front line employees. I repeat the importance of giving these managers the same in-depth training as employees combined with training on leadership development for managers. This will help give them the leadership confidence needed to coach but also attain the objective of giving clients an excellent customer experience.
Upper-management, including the Executive Committee, need to ensure they offer the essential resources to attain the goals set for the customer experience program.  A lack of planning your internal resources can affect the results such as; budget, lack of vision, projects that are too ambitious, profile and quality of limited managers.  In addition, Upper-management are responsible for observing results, to take the necessary actions to ensure the goal stays in priority and to follow the operational action plans to attain the customer experience goal.  When Upper-management does not seem to have as much interest in the follow-ups of the different operational steps, we can observe a decrease in the customer experience satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
Yes, this demands a lot of work and change within the company, but ultimately it will give you the nicest gift of all, customers and employee loyalty! Who does not want to be part of a winning team? Your clients and your employees will talk about their experience and this multiply and re-multiply thanks to all the new technology (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  Your company will grow in awareness and credibility.  All this will bring you success and potential revenue growth in your company.
Don’t be part of the majority of those who offer little, dare to be different by considering ALL your employees as partners and proud collaborators to help serve your clients and make the difference every day.
Alexandra Vachon
“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
– Jim Rohn