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We all know, at least I hope, that the most important person in our business is our clients.  Without them, we do not have a business.
But who serves these clients?  Who gives them the first impression?  Who guides and advises them?  Who answers their questions? Who brings the bill to them? Who gives them the last impression?
It’s not Upper-management, nor the managers; it’s the front line employees!  These employees are our biggest ambassadors, yet more often than not, most companies do not take the necessary time and effort to ensure these employees are motivated and happy in their work environment.  I am not talking about give them everything they ask for, I am talking about providing them with a real action plan to give them the frame-work and the wings they need to offer an amazing experience to YOUR clients.
The first step is to ensure you hire the right people; people who have the same core values as the ones in your business, who are passionate and who will know how to bring positive attitude and energy to your team.  When doing your interviews, why not try to get away from the conventional standard interview questions?  Why not ask them what it is they believe in?  What are their sets of values, what are their passions and what makes them thrive in life?
Once you have the right people, it is so important to share with them your expectations.  Too often, they are left on their own with minimal training, and are expected to deliver high-end results.  They need to know and understand on the tips of their fingers the core values and brand promise of your company, the frame in which they will be able to transpire your brand promise and your priorities.  But they cannot know these elements if you do not take the time to pass on this information.  A well thought out and professional training is a great way to do this.  Take the time, invest in your employees the same way they are commit to you, they will give this back to you twice fold 😉
When they are ready to live this brand promise on your behalf, ensure you communicate regularly anything that could have an impact on their performance, we can never communicate too much information, especially these days with all the new technology available for your clients out there, your employees need to have all the necessary tools.  Communicate, communicate, communicate, we can never say it enough!
Now, give them their wings!  Make them accountable, trust them and trust yourself that you gave them the appropriate brand culture and provided them with all the necessary tools.
The day they start giving WOWs, giving your customers memorable experiences, PLEASE, show theme your appreciation.  A THANK YOU, will go a long way for a passionate employee.  Share these stories within your company, share this positive energy.  Positive + Positive will always give you more Positive and EVERYONE will be a winner!
If you are looking to create an exceptional experience for your clients; this has to start with a series of memorable experiences for your employees.
Go ahead, give it a try 😉