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Here is a very good article demonstrating just how important our employees are, not only in achieving great customer experience in your company, but also the success that comes with it.
Just some of the few highlights for you:
  • “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder,” according to Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer.
  • “Customer engagement must start with employee engagement,” notes Steve Farnsworth.
  • “What better way to create relevant, efficient, collective and iterative learning than by establishing a customer-centric employees-as-brand ambassadors program?”
  • “Whatever your employees are telling friends, family and others who ask is as credible as what customers are saying. If even a few are bad-mouthing you or simply exhibit a meh attitude your brand is getting tarnished. We are three times more likely to share bad news than good,”according to HR expert, John Sullivan.
  • “That means your employees not only influence the views and behaviors of those with whom they interact but others as far as two more interactions away from them. That’s a huge multiplier of a negative or positive brand reputation.”
Read up, it’s worth it, you also have links to great books on the subject.