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Nowadays, with all the technology surrounding us, the customers possess a lot of information at the tip of their fingers. With all this, they have become extremely informed customers on several items and this even before walking through the door of your company. Your employees must therefore be capable of answering quickly and effectively the customers’ requests. They are the added value in the customer experience.
When the customer walks through the door, a simple customer service is no longer suitable. It is important to impress them, to have an interaction in the first few minutes, to show them that we have all the answers to their questions and that if we do not have them, we shall find them. We have to demonstrate that we want to take care of them.
Think of a moment when you enter a business, wherever this might be. Do you not like when an employee is in a good mood, when he demonstrates a positive attitude, when he answers your questions with a sincere interest, when he proposes or even offers a solution and when he takes time to serve you well until the end? And how about when he is even interested in your personal concerns and interests?
When we take the time to serve a customer well from beginning to end, the reaction can only be positive and create a WOW.  A WOW does not need to be big to have an impact. Sometimes, it is the simple small attentions which make all the difference. There are several ways to create these small WOWs with the customers, it is often a question of freeing your employees to use their imagination and their creativity inside a well established work environment with high quality standards.
Every time you, or your employees, create WOWs you have just solidified the relationship with this customer. You have automatically just put a spark of loyalty in this customer, who undoubtedly, will return and will probably recommend your company to his friends, family, etc.
You have taken another step towards the increase of your revenues and thus a direct impact on the success of your company.
But do not forget, if this customer returns, he will expect to live another great experience, and this, no matter whom he will speak with. It is essential not to disappoint him, because if he is disappointed, this could make you lose all the credibility which you had gained not to mention several prospects referred by this customer.
TAKE THE TIME to well educate your teams and give them all the necessary tools in order for them to make the difference with the customers.
Invest in the future of your company by investing in your teams through communication, training and even more importantly, by taking care of them too;)