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I am often asked this question: what is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is simply the complete journey that the customer will live within your company. Is it that simple? No, not really. Customer experience includes several steps and each one of them needs to be Wow!

So what are these steps? How do you recognize and identify them? To ask yourself these questions is the first stage in the process of understanding the customer experience in your company and how to improve it.
Here are some queues to start this process, always put yourself in your customer’s shoes. It is important to live every step through your customers’ eyes.
1) Begin by doing research, as they would, about your company on the internet. What do they find? What do people say? What expectations are created just by what they find on the internet and what they see on your website?
2) Go on site and use your five senses.  What do you see? Is it attractive, welcoming, inviting and clean?  Are the employees attentive and smiling?  What does it smell like? Is it an inviting and comforting scent?  What do you hear? Is it a nice atmosphere in line with your company’s vision? In regards to touch, often connected to cleanliness, is it according to your expectations?  What does it taste like, if this applies to your business, is it excellent?

3) How was the first impression, in both the physical aspect and with the employees? And how was the last impression?

4) How was the interaction with the employees? Was it pleasant and sincere? Did you feel understood and appreciated? Were the employees able to answer all your questions?

Once you have gone through this process, you will be capable of understanding if the expectations of your customers, and this even before they walk through the door, have been fulfilled or even better, we hope, were exceeded.
Unfortunately, only 3 % of companies take time to do this process, to analyze it and to make the necessary improvements quickly, and this, several times a year. Why is this not more frequent? The customer is your bread and butter; he is your reason for being!
Do you not think it is time to reset the priorities on the experience of YOUR customers in order to ensure the continual growth of your company?

Too often we hear customers say “companies take us for granted, we are only a number “. This kind of comment stands out every time neglect happens in one of the steps mentioned above. Imagine if they are all neglected? Now that my friends hurts the bottom line! 

Take the time to do this for your customers, and please, if you do take the time to analyse this process, ensure you make the necessary follow-ups and improvements.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time.  And trust me; in our day and age, there is no time to waste!

Take action, make it happen, it’s worth it 🙂

Alexandra Vachon