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Last week I had the chance to attend Oprah’s absolutely WOW conference in Montreal.  I could not refrain myself from sharing with you some life lessons which she shared with us.  These life lessons can not only be applied in your everyday life, but also in your professional life, especially when you work in the customer service industry and wish to create a wonderful customer experience.
Oprah shared several life lessons, but here are the ones who touched me the most;
1)     Your life is validated through the service which you offer to others!
It is important in life to help other people. When you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life through a small but sincere gesture, whatever this may be, do it! You will contribute to making this world a better place.
2)     A florist will say to you: ” I don’t do flowers, I create beauty “.
What a beautiful way to see life and to share your passion! And you, in your job, what do you create?
3)     Your job is not just a job!
Every employee has an important role, no matter which company you work for, no matter the level of hierarchy.  You are all important; each one of you can make a difference with your clients, but also with your colleagues.  Be yourself, be passionate, bring your own flavor to the company you work for.  Be unique!
4)     You become what you believe!
Believe in your dreams! How many of us had a dream to become either this or that when we were children? But growing up in a world surrounded with idealization, fears and constraints, rare are the people whom have been able to stay on track with their dreams and manage to reach them.  Think about it, when you were a child, what did you want to become as a grownup?  Are you near or far from reaching this dream?  What are you passionate about in life?
5)      Failure is not failure; it is just life telling you to move in another direction!
Too often we resist, hold on and want to comprehend every little detail of a difficult situation we are facing.  We are afraid this will be perceived as failure, but these are not failures, nor that you are not good.  It is life trying to show you a different path which will be better for you.  You need to stop hanging on, being sad and want to understand everything.  Surrender, let go and be attentive to what takes place around you, stand up tall, take the other path and start over.
Oprah is certainly an extraordinary woman who has helped hundreds of people in this world.  Not only did she help people in need financially, but she also shared what she learnt during her life through various situations and/or people she met, and this to help us understand what life has to teach us. It might not be unanimous, but I can definitely say that she has gained all my respect and I do believe that it is an amazing role model to follow in order to make this world a better place, and this as much in our personal lives as our professional lives.
Thank you Oprah for taking the time to remind us and create awareness on what is important in life.  Thank you also for inspiring us to help others but also to love ourselves.
I wish you all a great week, do not forget to smile at life, it will smile right back 🙂
Alexandra Vachon