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Today I share with you an article relating the importance of truly listening to your customers and how this relates to marketing and in the end customer loyalty.
Here are a few key points in the article:
  • Customer listening is imperative; it will amplify customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the customer experience.
  • “I always recommend [that companies] focus much more on a sustainable and systemic approach, where you’re actually treating customers in a way that they want to be loyal, rather than a points program where you’re trapping them in to a relationship,” says Andrew McInnes, director of product marketing at customer service and experience solutions firm Allegiance.
  • Asking customers for feedback like Healthy Directions does is imperative, but “listening” to their input through external channels has become unavoidable for companies due to the growth of social media.
  • Listening to complaints and compliments on social media gives marketers another source of feedback that they can analyze to give a wider perspective on customer experience.
  • Ignoring the voice of the customer is no longer an option for marketers who are charged with building customer loyalty.


Enjoy your reading and have a great weekend 🙂