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One of the best ways to guarantee that your front-line employees ensure a memorable experience for your customers is to show them your appreciation when they do something special.

Your employees and your customers have needs. As human beings, we all need to be recognized and appreciated. The more you do this, not only will you create a positive environment, but you will ensure that they are happy and in return they will give you their loyalty.

Over 65% of employees confirm that they have left a job due to the lack of appreciation on the part of the employer.

It is therefore important to take action and make a difference for your employees. When you take the time to recognize them, to say thank you, please be specific.  Give specific details, it has much more impact than a simple thank you. Employees like to hear that they have contributed to the success of the company because of an action they did.  Wow what a great way to show your appreciation!

It is also important to give your employees clear goals; ambiguities create discomfort and anxiety. By giving them guidelines and explaining your expectations accurately, it allows them to know how to achieve these objectives.  Surprisingly, most of them aim to exceed them. If they manage to surpass them, it would be a great opportunity to recognize them 😉

The more your employees are happy and in a positive environment, the more they will feel like giving and transmitting this experience to your customers. Your customers, in return, will talk about and recommend your company. Your customers and employees will become your best ambassadors. Everyone one wins; your customers, your employees and you, would that be wonderful?

Many companies say they understand this and do it, but when you take the time to see what happens in each department, we quickly realize that only a minority of the department heads do this. Your role as a leader is to make sure that appreciation and recognition is a common practice in each department.  Show the example by doing the same towards your managers and department heads. The domino effect is quite powerful!

I could talk about this for hours, but I will keep some for next time 😉

Go ahead, get out of your comfort zone, it will pay off in the end!

Have a great week,

Alexandra Vachon