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One of the essential parts in creating a memorable customer experience is to know your customers; know their needs, desires and expectations.
The majority of companies think they know their customers, for the most part; managers use the method of walking in the shoes of their customers.  With this method, they try to predict what the customers would like. But in order to succeed in creating an outstanding customer experience, you have to analyze a little deeper than that.
Here are some steps to help you better understand your customers:
  • Make sure your employees create interactions with your customers. Your employees should seize opportunities by proactively engaging customers in a professional manner, by asking them open-ended questions, respond with visual signs, stories, and especially, be aware of body language. This not only allows you to customize the experience, but it is also one of the best ways to find out what are the elements of frustration experienced by your customers. Your employees need to know how to recognize and detect such elements. They then need to report this to their superior in order for these elements to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Communication is key; but the actions taken by managers and employees to rectify these frustrations are even more important. Your customers will be amazed and grateful.  Please also be careful not to put too much emphasis on the characteristics of the product but rather identify the benefits that the customer could profit from. Unfortunately, the customer is often lost in the technical language.
  • Social media is a great tool for communicating with your customers. Customers are using social media more and more to communicate with you; whether it is to ask questions or to express dissatisfaction. And yes, sometimes, they will share the positive and / or appreciation. If they ask questions, it is usually because the required information is not easily found on your site or because it is not clear. It is imperative to understand this and make the necessary changes quickly. If you have clients whom are expressing dissatisfaction, be aware, your best critics should become your best allies to improve your business.
    Remember it is very important to respond to all your clients appropriately, social media is becoming more and more popular and have a very powerful virality.
    Social media, a subject I will be back to write about soon!
  • It is also important to involve your customers in your efforts for improvement. Feel free to ask them for their opinion on what they would like, what they would change and what they love. Social media is a great way to ask these questions and have a positive interaction with customers :). They will be delighted to see that you care about their opinion and that they are important to you. And why not conduct a brief survey to identify your moments of truth!
  • Celebrate Success! An evening / day of customer recognition is a great way not only to say thank you (thank you that your company is successful), but also a nice way to interact with them personally and get a sense of their true satisfaction. People look for companies that are successful; they adhere more easily to the values ​​and brand of that company.
There are plenty of other ways to take the time to know your customers. I reiterate the importance of doing this before you even implement changes in your business and this even prior to putting together your customer experience action plan. Customers are your reason for having a business, without them you would have no business, so please take the time to truly understand what your customers really want.
A great customer experience starts with your customers 😉
Alexandra Vachon