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On this Mother’s Day, I thought I would share with you some sets of values ​​on customer experience that my mother, Louise Vachon, was able to pass on to me when I was very young. Today, I am passionate about human relationships, the art of living and a desire to help others.  I am certain that this has had an influence on my personal and professional development.

Customer experience comes in many forms. My mother, being the wife of a diplomat, Jean-Luc Vachon, regularly received my father’s colleagues at home for cocktails and /or dinner.

As a child, I remember watching and admiring her in all these preparations. She had, and still has, a special attention for small details that made ​​these evenings memorable for our guests and also for us. She took the time to choose the menu based on the guests who would be present and always chose exceptional meals or in our language, “Wow meals” I loved spending time in the kitchen with her to help prepare these meals. She also made ​​sure the table was the most beautiful, with well polished cutlery. I remember very well when she showed me how to do this for the first time, and presto, it had to shine 😉  We then took out our most beautiful tablecloths and cloth napkins and placed them carefully. We then positioned wine glasses and bread plates in a fashionable way. The table was never complete without a great centerpiece along with candles. The magic settled!

Once everything was ready, it was time to make ourselves beautiful. Put on a nice dress, no mom not with pink flowers (laughs), fine discrete jewelry and my beautiful patent leather shoes. I especially loved when I went downstairs and my dad told me “Wow” accompanied by his whistling. Very special memories…

When the guests arrived, I watched my mother greet guests with grace and elegance. She was quick to offer them a drink; which I quickly wanted to help serve. I watched her chat with each guest never being anxious about the preparations or dinner. Even today, I’d like to know how she manages to do this! On my side, I was pleased to serve hors d’oeuvres on trays and always making sure to offer a small cocktail napkin with them.

Dinner time; she announced with delicacy to the guests that they were served. I always found it fascinating to see the sparkle in people’s eyes at the sight of the beautiful table in front of them. The meals were always a “hit”, in fact, they still are today.

An evening like this is never complete without going to the living room for coffee service and liqueurs. Always with the same elegance, my mother continued to talk with the guests and made sure they lacked nothing, but above all they had fun. For my part, I loved offering our guests chocolate “after eight”, and yes, still in a nice little platter.

When the evenings ended, I have vivid memories of the guests shaking the hands of my parents and saying, “thank you for a wonderful evening, thank you Louise, as always you are equal to yourself by surprising us every time.” I still hear this phrase today after family parties. So as you can see, despite the fact that my mother is no longer receiving co-workers, she has always kept the same approach, even with the family 🙂

My mom taught me many things in life that have made me the woman I am today. Without a doubt, all these little attentions she had during the receptions, thought me that it is important to take good care of people, whether it be internal or external customers, friends and family.  Always give the maximum of ourselves and make sure all the little details are in place to make a memorable experience. Generosity, attention to detail, sense of hospitality and servitude, love of people and commitment are values ​​that give meaning and even a deeper meaning to our roles and responsibilities. Good manners are always important in our society, a topic that will be developed shortly.

Thank you mom, for everything you taught me. Today I continue to want to take good care of my clients, friends and family. To give the maximum in everything that I do and make sure I take care as much as possible of all the little details.

Your daughter who loves you,
Alexandra 🙂