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I recently finished reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Simply put, it’s inspirational and enlightening. I highly recommend it for everyone in business, but it’s certainly a must read for anyone who holds a position of leadership.

The book is written by Tony, who admittedly is not a writer, and who makes mention of his reasons to forgo the use of a ghost writer. The result is an easy to read book that feels more conversational, like he’s telling you an elaborate story. His message was engaging and though provoking.

Without spoiling too much (because I KNOW you will go read it, now that I’ve recommended it) I want to share a couple of points that struck a chord with me.

1. Great company culture cannot be created by one person alone.

To the benefit of Zappos, they had exceptional leadership from the start. They had a team…

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