Connect To Customers With Personalization!


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Today I share with you an article which give you great examples on how to personalize interactions with customers and create a unique and memorable experience.
Here are some highlights:
  • Personalized services are a great way to connect with your customers and increase the chances that they will use your product, recommend your services to others, and maintain a loyal relationship with you.
  • Companies that don’t customize their services lack the appeal of individualization, which can often turn customers away before even trying a product.
  • Almost any company can find a way to customize its services to some degree.
  • By paying careful attention to detail and offering what the customer wants, within reason, you don’t have to compromise your business values for sales or better consumer experience.
Have a great week, start personalizing 🙂

Delivering Happiness

Sales, Life and Leadership

I recently finished reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Simply put, it’s inspirational and enlightening. I highly recommend it for everyone in business, but it’s certainly a must read for anyone who holds a position of leadership.

The book is written by Tony, who admittedly is not a writer, and who makes mention of his reasons to forgo the use of a ghost writer. The result is an easy to read book that feels more conversational, like he’s telling you an elaborate story. His message was engaging and though provoking.

Without spoiling too much (because I KNOW you will go read it, now that I’ve recommended it) I want to share a couple of points that struck a chord with me.

1. Great company culture cannot be created by one person alone.

To the benefit of Zappos, they had exceptional leadership from the start. They had a team…

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Customer Experience Interview with Mr. Michael Prince | Quality Inn & Suites Val-d’Or


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In the link below you will find my article for this week published on  I chose to share with you an interview with Michael Prince, General Manager at Quality Inn & Suites Val-d’Or. Mr. Prince has generously shared with us his secrets to achieve success and his vision on customer experience.

A special thank you to Mr. Prince for taking the time to share all this with us and for trusting Beyond Experience.

Have a good week everyone 🙂

Entrevue Expérience Client avec M.Michael Prince | Quality Inn & Suites Val-d’Or


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Bonjour à tous,
Vous trouverez dans le lien ci-dessous mon article de cette semaine publié sur le site d’, une entrevue réalisée auprès de M. Michael Prince, directeur général du Quality Inn & Suites Val-d’Or.  M. Prince nous a confié ses secrets pour atteindre le succès ainsi que sa vision de l’expérience client.
Un merci particulier à M. Prince d’avoir pris le temps de partager tout ceci avec nous, mais aussi de votre confiance en nous.
Bonne semaine à tous,

This just took my loyalty through the roof!


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Another great customer experience story!  And once again Twitter had a role to play.  I absolutely love to see that some businesses have understood not only the importance of social media, but have also turned it into a fun and creative way to create memorable experiences.  Kudos to Dunn Brother’s coffee for going above and beyond!  Keep up the good work and keep creating these magical moments 🙂
Thank you to Laura Click for taking the time to not only share this story, but also give us great takeaways!
Have a great weekend everyone,

Customer relationships are built on trust, respect and integrity.


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Bonjour to all,
Today I share with you an article based on how successful businesses are built on exceptional customer service. 
Really great read, here are some pointers:
  • Good customer service creates loyalty, generates customer retention and ultimately brings in revenue.
  • Customers relate your resolve and decision-making ability to their overall impression of the company, and that can have a lasting impact.
  • A service-centered culture begins with a leadership team committed to a philosophy that advocates exceptional service and employees who are deeply dedicated to fulfilling that promise.
Enjoy 🙂

Unposted Letters : Do forgive me someday

~Cruising through my Life~

Often it happens, what is want to say to someone – remains unsaid. That silence and mum for years builds up in our hearts and minds. Here is a series of “Unposted Letters” which will feature emotions – feelings – thoughts of people who have something to say.

Dearest Antara,

I have been meaning to write this letter to you for the last eight years but every time I put paper to pen guilt got the better of me and I couldn’t write a single line.

We worked together for two years and all this while I never understood why you were always in a rush to go home from work. I always thought, “What was the big deal if you had left your one-year-old daughter at home with a maid?” I thought that did not allow you to skip your responsibilities at work and find some pretext or other to leave office early when all of us were slogging it…

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Les médias sociaux, une partie importante de l’expérience client!


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Bonjour à tous,
Aujourd’hui je partage avec vous un petit article sur l’importance des médias sociaux dans la création d’une expérience client.
Beaucoup d’entreprises voient encore les médias sociaux comme étant un fardeau et/ou pas nécessaire.
Voici de très bons exemples et avantages d’être présent sur les médias sociaux, autant pour vous que pour vos clients.

Bonne lecture 🙂